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Get Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key for Cheap

Microsoft Office is an important part of our daily computing experience, but the cost of the authentic product makes us keep away from it. But if you know where to look you can find the Microsoft office version for really cheap prices. You can use these tips to get a completely legal discount on the Microsoft office suite.

Option 1 Buy Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Pack - $30 per license

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

The Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student edition allows you to use Microsoft Office 2010 on up to 3 computers in your household. You pay only $100 for it, so only $30 per Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key. This is the best way to buy cheap Microsoft Office product key for your whole family to use.

Keep in mind that the Home and Student edition is limited to non-commercial use only.

Option 2 Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Discount for College Students - $99

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

If you are a full time or a part time student at the university then you can avail of the student version for just a mere $100. The original issue is priced at $500 with all the same features and application letting you have a discount of almost 80% off.

Now if your university has an agreement with Microsoft then you could get a deal for prices much cheaper than $100. Look around in the university book store to know more about this deal. In case you are not a college student, read on to see other options to buy Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key at big discounts.

Option 3 Purchase a Key Card for Microsoft Office 2010 Product - 25%-40% off

If you download a trial version of the Microsoft office suite and then Buy a key card for discounted prices for unlocking the trial version then you will be able to secure a discount up to 40% off the original price. The only disadvantage to this situation is the fact that you don't really get an installation disk with this package. In case your computer fails, you will need to download the software again to be able to activate it with the key card. Still it's not much of a problem when it lets you have such hefty discounts.

Option 4 Purchase Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 2010

Unless you have specific needs for the updated software, you can also choose to purchase older versions of the software at discounted prices for online shopping places like Amazon.

Tips: If you have purchased your system with a version of the Microsoft Works Suite installed then you will be able to upgrade your software for a discounted price. This will let you save an additional 20 - 40% on the upgrade. If you combine this with the savings you can make on older versions, you will probably make a very good deal on authentic software. Like you can purchase the Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 UPGRADE at a discount of 62% of the original price at Amazon.

Option 5 Free to Use Microsoft Office 2010 Basic Functions - $0!

If your requirement of Microsoft office suite is extremely basic then you can always use the version available at Microsoft SkyDrive. This includes using basic forms of applications like OneNote, PowerPoint, Word and Excel for free. This feature also lets you access the documents on any computer with an internet connection.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

Option 6 Free Alternative to Microsoft Office 2010 - $0!

You can also choose a relatively free alternative to Microsoft Office, if you just need to get the basic work done. Google Docs is a service which has been around longer than SkyDrive and provides similar services can be used. LibreOffice is another complete office application suite which you can use. These formats support the Microsoft file versions and can export and read the same format.

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